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  • Ultimate HTC Vive Cleaning Tutorial


    “Begin by removing the stock padding from the face plate, if youre using the deluxe audio strap, take the foam
    off this as well.

    The outer headset can be wiped down with antibacterial wipes. VR Cover sell an alcohol-free, skin-friendly
    version that won’t do any dmage to the headset

    For problem areas such as the Velcro strip you can use tape to remove any dirt that can’t be wiped clean

    Gently rub the lenses with a clean microfiber cloth. If you use glasses and are worried about scratches
    you can buy lens protectors from VR Lens Lab.

    Again back to the wipes/ The PU leather foam replacements for the Deluxe Audio Strap and face foam can be
    easily wiped clean. Alligning and attaching the Deluxe Audio Strap foam is simple if you need to change it often,
    the face foam even easier.

    Lastly, You can keep the deluxe audio strap headphones clean with cotton covers, these are machine washable and
    don’t negatively impact sound quality.

    Now your Vive is good to go.”

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    Skin Friendly VR HMD Cleaning Wipes

    Cotton VR Headphone Covers

  • VR Cover 100% Merino Wool Retro Sweatshirts

    Up your VR fashion game with the new limited edition VR Cover 100% merino wool sweatshirt. Not only will you look super cool at Christmas but the high quality merino used to produce these sweaters mean that you’ll stay comfortable, warm and can even continue with your VR workout without worrying about smelling bad due to the antibacterial and anti-odor properties of merino wool.

    Merino is legendary for its super fine fibers and incredibly soft feel and our sweatshirts are no different, they are double-knit and heavyweight so will easily get you through the coldest winters. The timeless retro VR print will last you for years to come, wear your sweater with pride and laugh in the face of those who declare VR is dead.


    Order now and get your VR Sweater in time for X-mas 2017!

    Virtual Reality Sweater

    Virtual Reality Sweatshirt

    Virtual Reality Sweater Back View

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  • VR Cover Production Process

    Ever thought about the steps it takes to manufacture certain items? Take a behind-the-scenes look into the manufacturing process of the latest VR Cover products. In this day and age, almost everything that is created is done so by autonomous machinery and while it is efficient, we appreciate the human-touch involved in every step from raw material to finished product.



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  • Introducing the VR Cover Windows Mixed Reality range



    Introducing the VR Cover Windows Mixed Reality range. Our PU leather foam replacements are currently available for the Acer, HP and Lenovo headsets with support for the Dell Visor coming soon. As always, they can wiped clean with antibacterial wipes between uses which is essential if you plan on demoing at events or to friends and family.

    Due to the similar dimensions between the three devices our foam replacements are cross-compatible so if you’re a developer who owns more than one, you are in luck.

    We should also mention the issue of light leak on some of the Windows MR headsets. The Acer and Lenovo headsets come with stock face foam that pushes in between the lenses and up again your nose which helps to prevent light leak. However, this is not a perfect solution and for many users can cause discomfort and pressure on the nose. For this reason we have decided to go ‘nose-free’ with our foam replacements.

    Depending on your face shape and size this may mean more light leak through the nose, something that can be resolved by wearing the headband higher on the back of your head enabling you to create an angle that reduces light leak and improves immersion. If you prefer to see a little of the real world, try wearing the headband lower on the back of your head.


    Foam Replacements for the Acer, HP and Lenovo Windows MR headsets are now available in sets containing two pads for $29.00.


    Acer Windows Mixed Reality Foam Replacement 12mm


    Acer Mixed Reality Headset with PU leather Foam Replacements

    HP Windows Mixed Reality Foam Replacement 12mm


    hp windows mixed reality headset with pu leather foam replacement

    Lenovo Explorer Foam Replacement 12mm

    Lenovo Windows Mixed Reality Headset

    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets

  • HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement 20mm

    The deluxe audio strap for the HTC Vive improves the ergonomics of the headset and makes long gaming sessions much more bearable. We have created a thicker foam replacement for the strap that offers more comfort for those with smaller heads. One of the biggest complaints of the deluxe audio strap was from women and children who could not tighten the headset enough and found it moved around easily. Our thicker 20mm foam replacement seeks to solve this issue and hopefully make the VR experience a little more accessible and enjoyable to a large percentage of the population.


    The HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap Foam Replacement 20mm is now available for $19.00

    Hygiene covers for VR virtual reality headsets