How to put the Oculus glasses spacer on Quest 2

How to Put the Glasses Spacer on the Meta / Oculus Quest 2: A Guide for the Bespectacled

Welcome, fellow glasses-wearers! If you’ve ever wondered how to navigate the VR world without squashing your glasses or scratching the headset lens, you’ve come to the right place. Among other things, we’ll discuss how to put the glasses spacer on the Meta / Oculus Quest 2 and how to wear your headset. Let’s dive in, glasses first!

Why Glasses in VR?

You might ask why you would still need glasses in VR when the headset lens are so close. Well, VR headsets use lenses to project images at a distance, just like real life. So, if you’re nearsighted, you’ll still need your glasses. Also, VR doesn’t offer the same range of focus adjustment as reality, and without your glasses, you might experience blurry peripheral vision. There are other reasons too why glasses are necessary.

Limited accommodation in VR

In the real world, our eyes have the ability to change focus by adjusting the shape of the lenses inside them, a process known as accommodation. This allows us to focus on objects at varying distances. However, in VR, the screen distance is fixed, and the eyes don’t have the same range of accommodation as they would in the real world. This can make it difficult for people with myopia to adjust their focus adequately without their glasses.

Peripheral vision and eye strain

VR headsets typically have a wide field of view to enhance the immersive experience. Without wearing their prescription glasses, myopic individuals might experience blur or visual distortions in their peripheral vision. This can lead to eye strain and discomfort during prolonged VR use.

To address these issues, some VR headsets offer adjustment options for the distance between the lenses and the eyes (interpupillary distance) to accommodate different users, including those with myopia. However, this adjustment may not fully compensate for individual prescription needs, especially if the myopia is severe.

In some cases, people with mild myopia might find that they can use a VR headset without their glasses and still see the virtual content reasonably well. For those with moderate to severe myopia, wearing prescription glasses or using contact lenses while using a VR headset will generally provide the best and clearest viewing experience.

Maintaining a Safe Distance: Glasses and the Headset Lens

To prevent your glasses from scratching the headset lens, maintain a small gap of a few millimeters between them. Meta’s own glasses spacer adds a 4mm gap for this purpose.

Do Oculus Glasses Spacers Work?

Glasses spacers work well as long as your glasses fall within Meta’s recommended dimensions. If your glasses are thicker or wider than the given recommendations, they might not fit well inside the headset or could bump against the headset lens, even with the spacer installed.

How to put the glasses spacer on Oculus Quest 2

How to Put the Glasses Spacer on the Meta Quest 2

To install the glasses spacer, follow these steps:

  • Remove the foam interface. Start by tugging at the top part of the facial interface. It’s held in place by two nubs that might feel tighter than your jeans at Thanksgiving, but don’t worry. Apply a bit more force and it will come off. Repeat with the bottom portion.
  • Once the face gasket is removed, install the glasses spacer. Position it correctly over the headset and push in at the two nubs near the nose section and the top.
  • Reinsert the facial interface. Push in the two nubs at the bottom first, then the top two nubs.
VR Cover glasses spacers for Oculus Quest 2
Glasses spacers from VR Cover that are designed for the Meta / Oculus Quest 2

VR Cover Facial Interface Spacer: Your Glasses’ Best Friend

Our Oculus Quest 2 glasses spacer replacement offers a more comfortable fit by adding 4.3mm of space before the display. This extra room reduces the potential of the lens being scratched, ensuring a better VR experience.

XL Spacer for Meta / Oculus Quest 2: More Room, More Comfort

For the best Quest 2 spacer that gives even more room, consider our XL Spacer. Compatible with the original facial interface on the headset and the VR Cover Fitness Facial Interface only, it adds 6.5mm of space, providing the clearance needed to reduce the potential of your glasses bumping up against the lens.

How to Use the VR Cover Glasses Spacers

The installation process for our glasses spacers is similar to Meta’s:

  • Remove the stock facial interface.
  • Position the spacer correctly over where the nubs will go.
  • Press in the two bottom nubs first and then the top nubs.
  • Install our facial interface and foam replacement.

Our spacers work with specific facial interface versions. Check the compatibility before you purchase.

Wearing the Meta / Oculus Quest 2 with Glasses: A Comfortable Fit

Wearing glasses with your VR headset can feel like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. But don’t worry, we’ve got a trick up our sleeve:

  • Press the headset against your face first.
  • Pull the strap over your head.
  • Gently push forward the frames of your glasses – nudge the frames resting just above your ears.

Voila! This technique moves your glasses slightly towards the lens display and relieves some of that pressure on your face.

Now that you know how to wear your glasses safely with the Oculus Quest 2, you can truly enjoy VR without worry.