With the new 10mm Velour Foam Replacements we find a balance between comfort and field of view. The super soft ‘Velour’ fabric and memory foam ensures maximum comfort for long gaming sessions but is thin enough to result in an improved field of view, meaning more immersion. The foam is easy to clean, just throw in the washing machine after a particularly sweaty session and air dry. The HTC Vive Memory Foam Replacement Velour 10mm is now available through our store in black or gray and costs $29.00 for a set of two.


We also add to our store the Universal Headset Cover. The cover is designed to protect lenses from sunlight damage as well as keeping out dirt and dust. It’s compatible with all major VR headsets, just remember to switch the headset off first before you attach the cover otherwise you might trip a proximity sensor. The Universal Headset Cover is available in black or navy, add a cover to your order for just $5.00.


Lastly, we introduce the new VR Cover T-shirt range. We start with two designs, each has limited availability so be fast. Shirts are made with a high quality cotton/ poly blend and printed in house, available now for $19.00 each.