The New VR Cover™ & the Launch of Our First Meta/Oculus™ Quest 2 Products

New VR Cover Oculus Quest 2

Changes to VR Cover

While 2020 has been a crazy and, for many of us, a difficult year, it also marks the beginning of a new phase for VR Cover. As part of our constant efforts to improve and develop new products, we have begun switching to better materials and suppliers, starting with our Silicone Covers introduced in June this year. As oiled silicone can cause unwanted skin reactions, we have used high quality medical grade silicone which is unoiled so that it is hypoallergenic and safe. But this was only the beginning of a general upgrade to our materials.

For the new Meta/Oculus Quest 2, we have been working closely with Meta Quest. We switched some materials to meet the stringent Oculus Ready standards. For example, the removable nose guards use medical grade silicone and we switched to a new soft biocompatible leather that is more environmentally friendly. We further obtained third party test certificates like RoHS or REACH while our products underwent comprehensive biocompatibility testing. We are proud to say that our new Facial Interface & Foam Replacement Basic Set for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 has received the coveted Oculus Ready certification.

The impact of Covid-19 has been felt by all of us on many levels. As a business, the biggest impact was on our logistics operations. We are painfully aware that shipping products to you has, at times, been unacceptably slow. Airlines have drastically reduced flights due to the massive drop in tourism, which in turn means also less space available for air cargo. To counter this problem, we have started to work with fulfillment centers in the United States, Europe and Asia and will ship our new products directly from there. This means cutting down shipping times significantly, so you don’t have to wait for your VR Cover products.

And last but not least, we have started to work on a little facelift. You may have seen our new logo appear on products here and there. Over time, this will completely replace our old logo which has served us so well over the last 7 years.

Launch of the VR Cover Products for Meta/Oculus Quest 2

Our products are currently still on the way to our fulfillment centers and we expect to launch sometime next week. We also want to get them into your hands asap and will keep everyone updated via our newsletter as soon as they become available. There will be limited quantities at first, so please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter to hear about the launch first.

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