A man works out in a VR headset.

September is a great month to kick-start a VR fitness routine if you’re thinking of getting in shape. The weather is cooler. It’s easier to schedule workouts without the distractions of the summer break. Importantly, you’re giving your body ample time before the year-end festivities to get used to rigorous activity and lose weight.

There is a whole bunch of VR fitness apps to cater to every workout goal. We thought it’d be helpful to round up some of the best Quest 2 games so that you can make the most out of your at-home routine, whether it’s exercising your core body muscles, arms or legs.

Full-body workout

Supernatural (Boxing)

Supernatural Boxing is designed to give you a full-body cardio workout that will leave you feeling tired, sore but exhilarated. Guided by A+ coaches, you punch, block and shuffle to the beat of hit songs from all genres of music while immersed in a 360-degree virtual reality set in stunning locations. There are different intensity levels to suit your skill level. If you’re new to boxing, you can pick up the basics like how to throw the perfect jab or hook, all the while activating your lower body and core muscles.


FitXR’s high intensity interval training classes combine fitness and reaction-based challenges to get your heart rate up. Each session is a short burst of vigorous orb-punching involving lots of arm and upper body movements and also plenty of squats to work out those glutes and leg muscles. During rest periods in between the exercises, an avatar prepares you for the next moves with a demonstration. The classes are not rhythm-based; rather, they focus on pushing you to do better to keep you engaged and help you improve your endurance, agility and speed.

Product recommendations

Hygiene and VR Fitness go hand in hand because you’re going to work up a sweat. You’d want to protect your headset with our Facial Interface & Foam Replacement accessories for Meta/Oculus Quest 2. The foam pads come in PU leather and can be wiped down, unlike the stock foam.

Check out also the facial interface in the Fitness Set which features extra passive vents to allow better air flow and prevent the lens from fogging up.

The washable cotton VR Cover is a great hygienic option too. Absorbent and comfortable, the cover wicks sweat away from your face. No more messy drips while you play.

Arms and shoulders workout

Beat Saber

Any game with a lightsaber as the weapon of choice gets our vote. In Beat Saber, you’re given two lightsabers to slice incoming blocks. Movements are perfectly timed to match the rhythm of the music. The higher the difficulty level, the faster you’d need to swing those lightsabers and this can supply a decent arm and shoulder workout. At Expert modes, you’re also relying more on your wrists and forearms to slice quickly and precisely. Even if you’re not into the fitness aspect of it, Beat Saber is still a must-have VR game as it’s highly enjoyable and addictive.

The Climb and Climb 2

The Climb and Climb 2 are VR rock climbing apps that can give your upper body, specifically your triceps and shoulders, a nice workout. The gameplay simulates real-world environments, so you could be dangling over a precipice or navigating between skyscrapers. In Climb 2, the sequel, they’ve upped the stakes with distractions that can cause you to lose your grip or deplete your stamina. There are also useful objects like ziplines to aid your climb. The game is mentally challenging as well because you’re constantly making decisions on where to go and when and how to move. Your reward? Spectacular views at the top and a satisfying burn in your shoulders afterwards.

Product recommendations

All the lightsaber and climbing action can make your palms really sweaty. Our non-slip Controller Grips for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 have knuckle straps to keep your controllers firmly in your grasp. Also, our Halo Controller Protector is just what you need if you’d like to swing with even more confidence and not worry about knocks to the controller rings.

Legs workout

Synth Riders

Billed as a dance-action rhythm game, Synth Riders aims to make you move your entire body as you hit orbs and ride a unique rail system in a neon-lit world. It’s easy to get into the flow of the game quickly and because of the strategically placed objects that come whizzing at you, forcing you to dodge left and right, your body feels like it’s bopping to the music. Higher difficulty levels present more obstacles, giving you plenty of opportunities to work the hips and legs.

Pistol Whip

Go John Wick style in this rhythmic shooter game. Pistol Whip lets you decimate your enemies in a choreographed-like sequence of rapid firing, weaving and ducking. To avoid the constant barrage of obstacles and bullets, you’re forced to repeatedly dodge below chest level which is great for flexing your leg muscles. For those who believe they ARE John Wick, there are several ways to crank up the workout such as increasing the difficulty level and enabling the dual weapon and ‘No Fail’ modes.

Product recommendations

Active games are great fun in a group as watching someone perform the movements can be very entertaining. Our medical grade Silicone Cover is ideal for sharing. It prevents sweat from soaking into the stock foam and can be quickly wiped clean before the headset is passed on to the next user. Disposable options such as the Disposable Hygiene Covers for Meta/Oculus Quest 2 and the Universal Disposable Hygiene Cover for Stock Foam are also available.